Announcement on Data Privacy from Greyhound Friends

It has come to our attention that password protected links to an old website created by past Greyhound Friends administration may have been hackable. While some names and addresses may have been viewed, no breach of sensitive personal information occurred, as Greyhound Friends does not electronically store personally identifying financial information. Immediately on receiving information about the potential visibility of names and contact information, Greyhound Friends confirmed with our current internet host that it is not possible for anyone without an admin login to view stored data, and we further ensured that the folders leading to the data are also no longer visible. Our current website, built in 2017, has professional standards in place to ensure security, primarily by avoiding storing personal data on the website at all. Please be assured the Greyhound Friends is dedicated to updated professional standards of security as well as respect. We profoundly regret that this old vulnerability went undetected, leaving supporter names and contact information potentially visible, and will ensure this never happens again, we confidently assert that there was no sensitive breach nor any illegal information available.

Greyhound Friends is a Hopkinton based, 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to the welfare and adoption of dogs, focusing specifically on greyhounds. The organization was founded in 1983. Its office and shelter have been located at its present site on Saddle Hill Road in Hopkinton, MA for over 30 years.

In addition to operating the greyhound adoption kennel, Greyhound Friends’ mission also includes informing and educating the public about greyhounds and other breeds, promoting responsible pet ownership, and generally doing whatever is necessary to prevent cruelty to animals. Consistent with this mission, over the past 35 years Greyhound Friends has grown to include a community of staff, volunteers, adopters, greyhound rehoming advocates, and dog welfare supporters working locally, nationally, and internationally. Through the dedicated efforts of its staff, volunteers, and supporters, the organization has rehomed over 10,000 dogs.

An Announcement from the Greyhound Friends Board of Directors

Over the past 35 years, Greyhound Friends has rehomed over 10,000 dogs and engaged in results-driven education and advocacy improving the safety and welfare of this unique breed. On Friday, August 3, the Attorney General’s investigation of Greyhound Friends concluded with the signing of a Governance Agreement. We are pleased with this conclusion, as the Agreement reflects both significant voluntary work accomplished over the last 18 months to improve the governance of our organization and our commitment to continued financial accountability. We have also made significant changes and improvements to our kennel facility and operations and are confident this work has gone above and beyond what has been recommended. We intend to work professionally and cooperatively with all regulatory bodies and look forward to the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen licensing hearing now scheduled for September 11.

For your review we are making available here the signed Governance Agreement with the Office of the Attorney General, and certifications regarding related recent votes by leadership at Greyhound Friends.

— Greyhound Friends Board of Directors