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Greyhound Friends, Inc. is a non-profit organization located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, dedicated to saving racetrack greyhounds and placing them in responsible, loving homes.  While we are predominantly a greyhound adoption group, we also help some non-greyhounds rescued from kill shelters or other high-risk situations in other parts of the country, where their chances for adoption are slim.

We invite you to learn more about us by reading our website and visiting our kennel at 167 Saddle Hill Rd, in Hopkinton, MA. We're open

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Meet Hickory
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Name: Hickory
Sex: Mn
Color: Brindle
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Meet Maggie
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Name: Maggie
Sex: Fs
Color: Tan
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  May 3  PETCO - Shrewsbury 11 am-2 pm space
  May 3  Paws in the Park - Sudbury 10am-3pm space
  May 3  Pet Supplies Plus - West Roxbury 4pm-6pm space
  May 9  Pet Supplies Plus, Brighton 11am-2pm space
  May 16  Subaru Love-a-Pet in Webster, MA 10am-2pm space
  May 16  Especially for Pets in Wayland 1pm-3pm space
  May 16  Spring Open House 12pm-4pm space
  May 17  Spring Open House 12pm-4pm space
  May 23  Petco - Shrewsbury 11am-2pm space
  May 23  PETCO - Leominster 10 am-1 pm space
  May 31  Petco - Auburn 11am-2pm space
  Jun 7  Pet Supplies Plus - West Roxbury 3pm-5pm space
  Jun 13  Blessing of the Pets - Marlborough 12pm-6pm space
  Jun 20  Especially for Pets in Wayland 1pm-3pm space
  Jun 20  PETCO - Leominster 10 am-1 pm space
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Latest News

Greyhound Friends Asks for Your Help in Cruelty Case

For Immediate Release
Greyhound Friends Inc responds to greyhound cruelty case in Batan, Argentina
Louise Coleman, Director of Greyhound Friends Inc. located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts is calling on authorities in Batan, Argentina to respond immediately to the cruel and inhuman treatment of a group of greyhounds located on a private property in that city. The animals have been photographed showing severe neglect including but not limited to starvation, poor shelter, and uncontrolled reproduction resulting in puppies reportedly killed at birth. 
It is imperative that action is taken immediately and that pressure is mounted to encourage local authorities to execute animal welfare laws which are being violated. The greyhounds in question can be and should be re-homed through the efforts of local rescue organizations which will be funded for vet/health and fostering costs by local and international supporters for greyhound welfare.
"The treatment of these greyhounds is unacceptable both in legal and humanitarian terms. We will focus a very bright spotlight on this situation until appropriate action is taken. It is a real blemish on the Argentina society when animal welfare is so grotesquely ignored in the lack of action by local authorities who are unwilling to execute their obligations to the law. We will relentlessly pursue action by putting political and social pressure on the authorities and politicians in that area until something done." Said Coleman. 
Coleman has requested an email/phone campaign to the local  Secreteria Privada Daniel Scioli.
Email secprivada@sg.gba.gov.ar and/or phone (0221) 429-4050/4081
She is requesting supporters of these dogs to write and ask that immediate action be taken to seize the dogs and turn them over to local animal rescue organizations. She is also asking for local and national media organizations in Argentina to take a serious look at this situation and highlight the story.
Contact information for Greyhound Friends and Louise Coleman: greyhndfds@aol.com USA (508) 435-5969 cell phone: USA (617) 817-6706 See photos below: note: First photo is of a puppy that was pulled from the trash at the location but was not able to be saved and died a few days later.

New Dogs from Ireland!

GHFs just got two gorgeous Irish greyhounds from Limerick Animal Welfare. Gerald is white and dark brindle and Ben is a blue brindle - mostly blue.  Both dogs were on a truck scheduled to go to racing in England two months ago, however their paperwork wasn't in order so they were turned away from the ferry.
Luckily, Marion Fitzgibbon of Limerick Animal Welfare had a friend, Brendan, who was able to take four of these really lucky dogs. Now two of them are at Greyhound Friends and will be available for adoption soon.

Public Service Announcment

Did you know April is Greyhound Adoption month? Check out our great Public Service Announcement!



Announcing Spring Open House & Other Events....

Please Support Us in the Boston Globe GRANT Program

As part of the Boston Globe GRANT (Globe Readers and Non-profits Together) program, Boston Globe subscribers recently received a voucher in the mail enabling them to allocate either $50 or $100 (depending upon subscription type) to the 501(c)(3) charity of their choice. Subscribers simply fill in the voucher with the name of the preferred organization and either submit online or mail it to the Globe where vouchers will be tallied. These vouchers can then be redeemed by the charity for free advertising space in the newspaper. The more vouchers submitted, the larger the ad. Remember, there is no cost to the subscriber. Vouchers will be collected through April 30, 2015. For more information, please go to www.BostonGlobe.com/GRANT. Greyhound Friends appreciates your support!


Little Joe & Blake

Little Joe & Blake,newcomers from the Midwest, find that the New England snow is a wonderful novelty...

Download Little Joe and Blake.mp4

Please Donate a Kuranda Bed!

Greyhound Friends is now able to receive donated "Kuranda" beds. These sturdy, comfy, elevated beds would be desirable in any dog's kennel. Please click on the link below to provide a bed to a dog who would truly appreciate your generosity:



Documentary Video of Greyhound Life in Argentina

Photo journalist John Mottern recently made a trip to Argentina to document the plight of the greyhounds in that area. Greyhound Friends has expanded our rescue efforts to shed light on the unfortunate situation that occurs when dogs from the U.S. are transported overseas to countries where racing is still popular. Unfortunately for them, they will likely never know a loving home.  

Please note the video contains some graphic images that may be disturbing to some viewers.



Greyhound Friends Advocates for Dogs in Argentina

Greyhound Friends supporter, John Mottern, is presently in Argentina documenting the horrific conditions that dogs must endure. Please join Greyhound Friends in our mission to expose these atrocities, and advocate for better lives for these dogs. Click "Read More" to find out how you can help.

Thank You for Your Donations!

Thank you to everyone for your generous donations! We're so appreciative of all the dog food, cleaning supplies and thrift store items just to name a few. We are still in need of more dog food though and would be grateful for any additional donations. Thank you again - we couldn't make it without you!


Our Amazon Wish List

Greyhound Friends has a kennel Wish List on Amazon.com.  If you're an Amazon.com user - especially if you have a Prime account - please consider donating some Wish List items to keep our operating costs as low as possible. These are items we need all the time - from dog food to cleaning supplies.

In addition, if you sign up for the "Amazon Smile" program and select Greyhound Friends as your charity of choice, Amazon will send us 0.5% of any eligible purchase you make! Eligible products are marked "Eligible for Amazon Smile Donation" so you can select them as you shop using your existing Amazon account.

Thank you for your ongoing support!


A Video Tour of Greyhound Friends

Check out our new video tour!  Created at the request of a foundation as part of a grant proposal, this video is a wonderful introduction to the Greyhound Friends shelter and what we do here.

  Many thanks to volunteer Christine Wilson for creating this piece.


Items Needed for Thrift Store

Greyhound Friends operates a thrift store - Second Chances - in Natick Center.  Donated items are sold and all profits go to support our kennel operations.   (Please click the link for store hours, news, etc.)
The shop is in need of new donations, such as unique jewelry, kitchen items, home décor, books, artwork, clothes/shoes and vintage/antique pieces of small furniture. Glass and dishware items are also gratefully accepted. Spring items are selling especially well right now.
Donations can be dropped off at the Greyhound Friends kennel or at Second Chances - located at 6 W. Central Street in Natick (right at the intersection of Rts. 135 and 27).  Thank you!!!

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