The Greyhound Friends board of directors consists of dedicated volunteers who bring to the organization great depth and breadth of skills, expertise, education, and both professional and personal achievement. They are:

Stoddard Melhado — president
Caryn-Amy Rose — vice-president and president-elect
John Dumas — vice-president
Peter M. Bloom — treasurer
Cyndy Curley — secretary
Adelia LeBlanc — member
Ky Melhado — member
Donna Nelson-Duey — member
Dr. Jeffrey Schindler — member (also serving as compliance officer)
Theresa Shepard — member (will step down to serve as Kennel and Operations Manager upon kennel reopening)

Stoddard Melhado
For nearly forty years Stoddard Melhado worked as an English instructor and school counselor. Now retired, he spent most of his teaching and counseling career at Wilmington High School. His education includes a BA from Hamilton College, an M.Ed. from Boston State College (now UMass Boston), and an MS from Simmons College.

Mr. Melhado’s work with his students was based on honesty, openness, and trust. He has brought those qualities to his board leadership, along with a high level of skill in listening, consensus building, and diplomacy.

Along with his wife Ky, Mr. Melhado bred, trained, and showed Wheaten terriers for 20 years, gaining extensive knowledge of animal care before adopting their first greyhound in 1993. Over the past twenty-five years they have adopted sixteen greyhounds and currently own six.

Caryn-Amy Rose
Caryn-Amy Rose is a data scientist and business analyst. She is currently lead business analyst for the Massachusetts Medical Society and has also run editorial and software freelance consulting businesses. Ms. Rose has decades of experience planning and managing development of web applications and online learning programs, ensuring high quality delivery and scope control for small projects and multi-million dollar implementations alike. She earned a BA from Hampshire College and a Master’s Degree from Hebrew College.

Ms. Rose adopted her first greyhound from Greyhound Friends in 1989. She volunteered there while in high school and again since returning to the area in 2009. Since 2012, Ms. Rose has been active with the meet-and-greet team, which does community outreach about the greyhound breed, greyhound international welfare, and Greyhound Friends’ advocacy and rehoming work. Ms. Rose and her spouse Dr. Schindler worked with two of their greyhounds adopted from Greyhound Friends through training and certification as therapy dogs and made hospital visits to rehabilitation and Alzheimer’s patients. Ms. Rose and Dr. Schindler are also active feline supporters and foster providers through a no-kill shelter dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating stray and abandoned cats.

Ms. Rose joined the Greyhound Friends Board of Directors in 2017 and was elected vice president [and later president-elect] in 2018. In addition to her technical and business skills, she brings to the group a collaborative approach, operational expertise, and a focus on efficiency, transparency, and effective communication.

John Dumas
John Dumas is a professional in the communications field who previously served as the CEO of a fundraising company for 20 years. He has worked as an announcer for BMX Trick Bike Team and for various celebrity and charity events for 25 years. In his down time he travels to Canada to announce play by play for the NHL Legends Tour. Mr. Dumas holds a bachelor’s degree from Worcester State University.

Mr. Dumas has been volunteering for Greyhound Friends since 2013 and supporting the organization through donations of New England Patriots VIP packages and arranging for Patriots players to attend open house events. He adopted a greyhound from Greyhound Friends in 2016, having owned two others previously. He is a zealous supporter of greyhound adoption who brings to the organization a sense of national and international perspective, perceptive and creative problem-solving, and fundraising expertise.

Peter M. Bloom
Seven years ago Mr. Bloom retired from the Massachusetts Medical Society, where, as a database administrator, he maintained a database of over 350,000 physicians all over the world. He earned a BS/Business Administration in accounting and a Master’s/Public Administration in health, both from Suffolk University.

Mr. Bloom has also served as the treasurer of a 139-unit condominium, the Museum of Science Volunteer Services League board, the Ontological Design Community, and The First Worshipful Masters Association of Massachusetts (Ancient Free and Accepted Masons). He brings to the Greyhound Friends board a strong sense of accountability, a deep knowledge in board operations, record keeping, and financial tracking, as well as expertise in fiscal responsibility.

Mr. Bloom became active with Greyhound Friends as a volunteer and supporter in 2011 and has since adopted three greyhounds.

Cyndy Curley
Cyndy Curley is a Senior Analyst at a Fortune 500 telecommunications company where she has led teams and managed complex institutional connectivity needs for nearly three decades. She led a team of 28 small-business associates for five years and routinely manages provisioning and billing for federal and state government, enterprise, medium- and small-business high capacity telecom wire-line network customers.

Ms. Curley and her husband adopted their first of eight greyhounds from Greyhound Friends in 1992 and began volunteering at community meet-and-greets two years later. Ms. Curley facilitated the Greyhound Friends booths at the Sterling Fair and the Bay Colony Cluster Dog Show, the Whisker Walk, and the Community Home Stand at Fenway Park. For several years she also volunteered by updating adoptable dog descriptions on the Greyhound Friends website, making follow-up calls on new adoptions, and staffing the organization’s semi-annual Open House events.

A frequent traveler to Ireland and other parts of Europe, Ms. Curley is an animal welfare advocate with international perspective.

Adelia LeBlanc
Adelia LeBlanc is a human resources professional with over three decades of experience in the telecommunications and healthcare industries, specifically in the areas of contract negotiations, project management, compensation, benefits administration & employee relations. She holds a BS degree from William Woods University and an MBA from Seton Hall and brings expertise in process and change management to the organization.

Ms. LeBlanc began volunteering with Greyhound Friends in 2009 and joined the board a short time later. She has adopted four hound mixes, one of whom, Theo, she trained to become a certified therapy dog. Together with Theo, Ms. LeBlanc has been visiting the residents at Lowell Healthcare on a regular basis for the past six years. As a team they have been active in meet-and-greets, various outreach events for Greyhound Friends, and “Christmas in the City,” an annual event for homeless children in Boston.

Ky Melhado
Ky Melhado has worked as a REALTOR® for the last 31 years, achieving every production award available at Coldwell Banker. Prior to her successful real estate career she worked at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (originally Peter Bent Brigham Hospital) as a physical therapist specializing in respiratory care. She was one of the founders of the hospital’s Respiratory Care Department and ultimately was an assistant technical director, working under the direction of and reporting to the Medical Director. Throughout her employment there, Ms. Melhado was a clinical instructor for nurses, house staff, and physical therapists. She also taught senior PT students and Master’s level students at Sargent College of Allied Health at Boston University. Her work required an extensive knowledge of medical conditions, treatments and procedures, control of infections, sanitary conditions, and detailed medical protocols. She holds a BS degree and a Certificate in Physical Therapy, both from Simmons College.

Ms. Melhado adopted her first greyhounds over 25 years ago. She began her volunteer work with Greyhound Friends 11 years ago and joined the board of directors several years later. Ms. Melhado’s volunteer contributions have included all aspects of kennel work including cleaning runs and yards, exercising the dogs, and supervising other volunteers as Volunteer Coordinator.

Along with her husband, Ms. Melhado has had a lifetime relationship with dogs, including 20 years of raising and showing Wheaten Terriers prior to meeting their first greyhounds. She brings to the organization a broad skill set spanning business, medicine, and animal care and welfare.

Donna Nelson-Duey
Donna Nelson-Duey is Vice President and CIO at the US division of a Fortune 500 insurance company. In her executive role, Ms. Nelson-Duey is responsible for all information technology for the company. She has leadership responsibility for over 400 employees across multiple sites in the US and Ireland. Over the course of her over 30-year career, she has held a variety of technology and leadership positions and managed an annual budget of over $90M. She holds a BS degree from UMass Amherst and a postgraduate certificate in computer science from Hunter College. Ms. Nelson-Duey brings experience in financial and technology management, organizational change management, and team collaboration to the board.

Ms. Nelson-Duey adopted her first greyhound in 1992 and over the years has adopted eight greyhounds through Greyhound Friends. She became a volunteer at Greyhound Friends in 2007, engaging in a variety of activities including posting website content about available dogs, participating in meet-and-greets, and managing social media content. As an experienced owner, she also volunteered her time making adopter follow-up calls to help ensure a good fit between dogs and families and to help with any questions or challenges with newly adopted dogs. Ms. Nelson-Duey has supported international outreach on behalf of Greyhound Friends, partnering with the Greyhound Rescue Association of Ireland, Limerick Animal Welfare, and other charitable organizations in Ireland, Spain, and the UK.

Dr. Jeffrey Schindler
Dr. Schindler is a postdoctoral research fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, researching leukemia, and for fifteen years prior worked as a cancer researcher at multiple area universities and hospitals as well as in the commercial pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Schindler holds a BS degree from Hebrew University in Jerusalem and a Ph.D. in biology from MIT.

Dr. Schindler volunteered to research shelter best practices for Greyhound Friends and in 2017 became the organization’s compliance officer as well as joining the board of directors. Dr. Schindler brings to the board expertise in animal care protocols based on federal and state compliance as well as the ability to train non-scientists in scientific concepts. Dr. Schindler worked with the Koret Shelter Medicine program at UC Davis as well as with Dr. Pantaleon, DVM, at Virox Animal Health, to write protocols and procedures specifically designed for Greyhound Friends. Dr. Schindler not only created new protocols for all activities, processes, and documentation systems around managing the new greyhounds coming

to the shelter, but as compliance officer, will be training all staff and volunteers going forward to help ensure accountability for all.

Theresa Shepard
Terri Shepard is a certified dog trainer who also holds a shelter management certificate. She worked for Greyhound Friends for almost twenty years until extended closure necessitated laying off all staff (16 full-time and part-time employees) in May of 2017. Ms. Shepard has worked in all aspects of the shelter from cleaning, to dog care, to assisting veterinarians with procedures. Over the last ten years her work has been mostly on the administrative end in the front office, assisting in grant writing, fundraising, and general administration. Ms. Shepard has volunteered hundreds of hours over the last year working on all areas of kennel improvements in preparation for reopening.

Prior to working at Greyhound Friends, Ms. Shepard worked in customer service for a multinational manufacturing company. She traveled to several states teaching computer skills to employees and led teams in the company’s Total Quality Improvement program. Over the last 20 years she has adopted eight dogs through Greyhound Friends and currently has three hounds at home.

Ms. Shepard has accepted the newly created position of Kennel and Operations Manager to begin upon the reopening of the kennel. Upon assuming this staff position she will step down from the board and report to the board. Ms. Shepard’s key responsibilities will be: managing all staff and volunteers; scheduling all dog intakes to ensure proper accommodation for the animals in the facility; arranging to meet all veterinary needs; and overseeing the proper maintenance of records and database entries pertaining to all operations. Ms. Shepard is respected within the greyhound community and brings a sense of accountability and, above all, the gravity of the responsibilities involved in managing and handling every dog moving through Greyhound Friends to adoptive families.